August 2016

The divorce saga has really gotten bitter lately. We’ve been trying to find a good way to go about dividing the family business we started together. We both have full-time day jobs, but several years back we started a side-business where we take tourists out on boat tours over the weekends. (She’s as into boating as I am. It’s actually how we met.) It’s proven pretty successful, and neither of us wants to part with it.

The thing is that we were so fixated on the idea of splitting it up, that we didn’t stop to consider our other options. Thankfully, I’ve got an experienced family law attorney from Rancho Cucamonga on the job, and he worked out a deal with her attorney where we both get to keep an ownership stake. We’re basically going to be business partners! We were both like, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Just goes to show that it pays to have a neutral arbiter. We’re actually back on fairly friendly terms now!