The Skipper’s Divorce Journey

Hey, folks. I’d rather not use my real name here, so just call me the Skipper. Pretty much all my friends do because I’m big on boating and yachting. I’ve been known to do my fair share of fishing, too. Even caught a swordfish once!

Anyway, the point of this site is to detail my journey through California’s ever-so-lovely family law courts. You see, the Skipper’s getting divorced from his wife of thirteen years, and it hasn’t exactly been a pleasant process, so far.

Things started out amicable enough. We basically just lost the spark and decided it was time to separate. Unfortunately, everything quickly nosedived from there, starting with who was going to get the kids. Then what to do with the family business came up. We aren’t just talking minor headaches and heartburn here; we’re talking full-blown screaming matches and accusations.

I thought we’d be able to work things out on our own, but boy was I wrong. That was when I came to my senses and started talking to an amazing divorce lawyer in Southern California. He set me straight, and what follows is the rest of my journey. Call it a catharsis, if you will.